One key word for Arvika Gjuteri is sustainability, whether we are talking about the environment, safety or the company’s commercial development. To be successful in the long term, we must balance these considerations and carry out a working dialogue with our stakeholders.

Work on health and the environment is an integral part of Arvika Gjuteri’s operation, and one where we continuously strive for improvement. Our focus is on goal-oriented efforts with preventive measures, to achieve the greatest effect.


A modern company the size of Arvika Gjuteri needs a working environmental management process. We constantly endeavour to prevent or minimise the environmental impact of our operation. This includes the obvious aspects such as production and material management, but also encompasses the supply chain, process development and investments.

Our operation is based on a smoothly functioning system for recycling scrap metal in society. The majority of the raw material that we melt, and make products from, is scrap from old trucks and cars, for example. Arvika Gjuteri is therefore an important part of the ecocycle approach, and the development of better systems for collecting scrap metal.

One of the most important areas of our work is how we use our resources. To melt scrap we use electric furnaces, which are very energy intensive. We are therefore continuously striving to reduce our energy consumption. Part of this involves reusing waste heat together with the local district heat producer.