The establishment of Arvika Gjuteri foundry in 1971 by Volvo ushered in a new era of what is now more than a century of moulded goods production in Arvika, western central Sweden. The foundry was set up as part of a G70 project to deliver transmission components to Volvo BM’s production of tractors.

Today Arvika is very much a vibrant industrial town with a clear focus on the engineering and automotive industry, where Volvo Construction Equipment is the largest employer and Arvika Gjuteri is the second largest industrial operation.

The town of Arvika boasts a picturesque location surrounded by forests and lakes. Arvika is a town with strong traditions in commerce and industry. Transport and modes of transport are natural elements of life here. Various types of vehicle have been produced in Arvika since the early 1900s. This has led to the establishment of several foundries in the town over the course of 100 years.

Communications are excellent. The town is close to a main railway line, a main national road and water connections to the world’s oceans. It is also close to two international airports. It is easy to get to us, to get materials to us, and to dispatch them to our customers.

Important dates in Arvika Gjuteri’s history

1970-71 Arvika Gjuteri is established by Volvo and production begins.

1988 Arvika Gjuteri and Arvika Smide are sold to Ovako Steel AB.

1991 Arvika Gjuteri becomes an independent company and is acquired by Arvika Gjuteri Holding AB. Processing workshop in Norrahammar acquired.

1993 Arvika Handformningsgjuteri AB is formed.

2009 The Sixth AP Fund acquires Arvika Gjuteri from Sakhti Automotive Group.

2015 Swedish Powertrain AB acquires Arvika Gjuteri from The Sixth AP Fund.