Start-up Arvika Gjuteri

  • Trimming is in progress
  • Test casting starts March 27
  • Then start production and ramp up

Håkan Setterstöm MD Arvika Gjuteri

Status Arvika Gjuteri

The project proceeds in a good way and the foundry is now cleaned up and the reconstruction have started.

Below you can find the latest update:

Now until December 2020                                 Installation of media, control rooms etc
October 2020                                                     New roof erected
December/January 2020/21                              Functional testing
January 2021                                                    Dry run
February 2021                                                  Production start and ramp up

Håkan Axelsson, MD Arvika Gjuteri

A decision has now been made regarding the rebuilding of Arvika Gjuteri AB

The plan is to start test casting on 1/12 with a ramp-up during Q1 2021.

The positive decision has been made possible thanks to the good cooperation with our insurance company IF.

Håkan Axelsson, Managing Director Arvika Gjuteri AB

Update after the fire at Arvika Gjuteri

The decontamination and demolition work is now in full swing and a large number of contractors have started the reconstruction. The goal is to be up and running again 1/10 2020.

A good dialogue is held with all our customers in order to best handle the situation.

A strong project organization is established in close cooperation with our insurance company IF and we will continuously report on the status of the work.

For further information, please contact:

Håkan Axelsson, Managing Director Tel: 072-3778801

Robert Ahlgren, Site Manager Tel: 070-5383201